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PRIMUM ESSE is a consulting firm, working in the field of organizational psychology since 1994. We have been providing our services working with human resources. Our staff consists of professional certificated personnel who mainly are psychologists with organizational specialization.


We specialize in human resource services.

Personnel search and selection - a consistent system which helps to find employees who meet clients’ needs and requirements the best.

Personnel assessment – projects aimed at evaluating specific competences of the present and future employees. By applying specialized methods our consultants determine the level of competences and submit conclusions-recommendations.

Training projects – customized training events of different duration and format, the aim of which is to provide knowledge and skills necessary for effective business, to find alternative solutions in on-the-job situations and to reinforce the team.

Consultation on personnel management and development. Drawing on our experience and our base of methodologies, we compile a set of means wholly satisfying the client’s needs. Customized solutions assure the client of the maximum benefit in revealing the potential of organization.


Our goal is to understand the situation in the client company, to realize its needs, common strategy, style and philosophy. From our side we give the information concerning the qualified personnel market, human resources situation in different fields of trade and industry. We also supply the knowledge of the mentality of local people, their priorities and expectations.


Our clients include different kinds of organizations, from consumer products and services to manufacturers and high technology companies. One could define separate groups of our clients and find different kind of companies among them. There are trade companies (Coca-Cola, JTI, 3M, Paulig, Unilever, Map, Whirlpool), information technologies and telecommunication companies (Siemens, Lietuvos Telekomas (Telia & Sonera), Avaya, Bull, Alcatel, Asbis), banks and insurance (SEB Vilniaus bankas, Sampo Bankas, Nordea, Euler Hermes, Seesam), pharmaceutical companies (Eli Lilly, Organon, Oriola, Berlin-Chemie, Novo Nordisk, Novartis), industrial – trade companies (Elektroskandia, BBH, AGA, Rittal, Kemira, G-U, Castolin, Ruukki, ITT Flygt, Syngenta, Danfoss, Alfa Laval), service companies (Lietuvos Energija, Litesko (Dalkia), Falck Security, Nielsen), forwarding and logistics companies (TNT, Schenker, DHL, Kuehne+Nagel), advertising companies (Brand Sellers DDB Needham). The majority of the companies we work with become our long-term clients.


The goal of PRIMUM ESSE services is to identify client’s needs and to find the best employee for the particular position in the client’s company. Consistent search strategy, consultants’ experience and knowledge of the market result in the most useful decision for the client. We conduct the projects of professional staff search for positions in different organization levels and fields: top and middle management, administrative, commercial, financial, marketing positions in trade, production, services, finance, pharmacy, IT and telecommunication spheres. Depending on the situation we use several different ways for professional staff search.

Executive search

Our experience in the Lithuania from 1994 and knowledge of the market as well as contacts with specialists in specific business spheres allow us to find and motivate high-level specialists. PRIMUM ESSE consultants approach each executive search assignment with a consistent process. We obtain client consensus on position's scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships and profile of the desired executive. We develop the search plan, screen and evaluate candidates, conduct reference checks and select finalists to be interviewed. The detailed information about the candidates is presented to the client, the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate are discussed. The executive search projects are carried out by consultants who have experience in the client’s industry or relevant functional positions. An executive search project takes 4-8 weeks.

Data Base

Another possible personnel search way is to start the project from looking for the candidates through our professional personnel Data Base and contacts we have. The candidates’ search through the DataBase can be done in 2 weeks. This is the quickest way to find an employee.

Advertised selection

PRIMUM ESSE can perform the competition by using advertisements. This is the most popular way of the employee search which ensures for the employer the selection of employees, who are directly interested and motivated to work in this particular position.

The procedure contains following steps:

  • we discuss the job description together with the requirements for the applicants
  • we give consultations regarding an advertisement and prepare the particular project
  • we register applications and gather primary information
  • we conduct individual skills assessment (psychological testing) and interview the applicants
  • we recommend suitable candidates from PRIMUM ESSE qualified specialists Data Base also
  • we prepare psychological assessment conclusions with the recommendations and arrange a meeting with best candidates

The selection procedure takes around 4-5 weeks. To ensure finding the best candidate PRIMUM ESSE can use one of the most suitable search way or a combination of a few. When the company is willing to assess the candidates in the recruitment process in more depth we offer the service of personnel assessment.


Assessment method enables us to evaluate the correspondence of current knowledge and skills of the candidates in relation to the demands of the position. Individualized assessment method’s set is prepared in accordance with the job specifics and position level. It may contain specialized questionnaires, tests, individual or group practical exercises, modeled work situations. The candidates’ performance can be videotaped and analyzed by our consultants. The outcomes of the assessment procedure are summarized and presented to the client in the form of a written resume. PRIMUM ESSE applies the GOWER Assessment and Development Centre (Great Britain) method. The methods and principles of our Assessment Centre ensure the comprehension, objectivity and accuracy of the assessment. Due to the practice of multiple assessments and the combination of different methods, conclusions about candidates are more precise and objective. The candidates have a better opportunity to show their abilities and strengths as well as to reveal weaknesses.


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