About us

Who we are

We embarked on a journey called PRIMUM ESSE 25 years ago. PRIMUM ESSE stands for “first of all is being”. The ambitious interpretation offered by our clients is “being the first” or “being the best”. Not necessarily the largest, but critically – the best in the industry – with our professionalism, reputation and value created for clients.

PRIMUM ESSE for us is an unfolding story of exploring ourselves and the world. It is an expedition – a journey towards turnkey solutions for the client in his building a successful organization and sustainable business.  Our clients, partners and co-thinkers are our fellow passengers on this expedition.  We all share faith in people’s potential, their ability to cooperate and generate value – both for the organization and society.

We discover the best fit for you. Help your people unleash their talents and build on their abilities in development projects. Advise you while taking decisions on corporate improvements.

In a joint effort with the client we develop unique projects, thus transforming organizations and strengthening them as it is sustainable companies that create the world we live in.

We are certain that the world has become better in the last two decades and we have been actively involved in this process: professionally, responsibly and single-mindedly.

The EXPEDITION continues. Are we heading in the same direction?