We are partners with one of the largest Finnish consultancies PSYCON and together provide services to clients in the Baltics.

In executive search and assessment projects across the Baltics we liaise with colleagues from ARIKO RESERV (Estonia and Latvia).

We are the official distributors of ASSESSIO products – online psychological tests, in Lithuania. ASSESSIO is the leading consultancy in the Nordic countries, developing and selling cutting edge psychological tests for more than 50 years.

We started new cooperation with CREATIVE PEAS -  international innovation consultancy based in Amsterdam.

Our partners in people development projects AMARA COLLABORATION is an international community of consultants that generates and promotes innovative leadership ideas.

Our long term friends and partners in co-creating experiential learning programs – mountaineering experts MONTIS MAGIA.

In national education development projects we collaborate with SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT CENTER that has shaped and promoted trailblazing ideas for educational organization development in Lithuania already for several decades.

We are actively engaged in movements of professional associations: PVPA – Association of Personnel Management Professionals and LVKA – Association of Business Consultants in Lithuania.