Executive search

Valdas GrudÄ—
Sales manager
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Tel.: +370 5 2755848

Primum Esse experience in executive search and selection

Executive search is a professional activity that requires specialized competence and experience which we have accumulated and refined in Lithuania for two decades. Our expertise lies in search for top executives, functional managers and key specialists. Our clients are trading, service and production companies operating in Vilnius, Lithuania and Baltics.

PRIMUM ESSE experience – 500+ executives found and 2000+ specialists selected.

We ensure outstanding search and selection quality: 97% of our recommended people keep successfully working in the clients’ companies after the agreed trial period.

PRIMUM ESSE success is defined by the ability to effectively discover leaders and talents, and very importantly - professionally assess their competence and accurately forecast their performance.

We strongly believe that an employee’s personal traits, his values, motivation and potential are as significant as his professional experience. Our refined search system and ability to “read” people helps us find managers and specialists who have the right balance of professional competence and personal traits expected by you.

We employ highly modern assessment methodologies for revealing candidates’ competencies. We are the official distributor of the Swedish company Assessio products (online psychological tests).

Leading Lithuanian and foreign companies choose to use PRIMUM ESSE services. 2/3 of our clients stand in TOP 10 of their industry. 70% of our clients are international organizations. 

More than 80% of clients return to use our services and become regular clients. Quite often we become a strategic partner for them in building the team and an advisor in reinforcing their image as a desirable employer.

In executive search projects across the Baltics we collaborate with our colleagues ARIKO ReServ (Estonia and Latvia), Assessio (Sweden) and Psycon (Finland). 

Major experience by client’s field of work:

•   Trade 
•   Professional services
•   Production
•   Business solutions
•   Financial services
•   Industrial solutions
•   Pharmaceuticals
•   ITT
•   Logistics

Experience by sought specialist function:

•   Business management / executive function
•   Sales management / sales
•   Marketing 
•   Production management 
•   Product management
•   Finance /accountancy
•   Project management
•   Technical solutions
•   Administration

Valdas GrudÄ—
Sales manager
Mob.: +370 687 70707
Tel.: +370 5 2755848