Competence assessment

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Assessment and development centre

Comprehensive and complex competency assessment for executives and specialists.

All-round comprehensive assessment of executive or specialist competency and potential, during which we determine how a person’s abilities and potential meet the requirements set for this role.

  1. We draw up a customized assessment project (specialized questionnaires, tests, individual and group tasks, workplace role-plays).
  2. In assessment process we follow these principles:

    • Each competence assessment process involves several methods.
    • Each assessee is observed and assessed by several professional consultants-assessors.
    • Behaviours are observed and assessed in realistic practical situations.

In such modelled conditions a person has more chance to demonstrate his/her real ability, reveal the potential as well as disclose the areas for improvement.

     3. We analyze the collected data and prepare a summary.
     4. Based on the summary, directions for development and growth are
     5. A development plan is drawn up and it may be executed with the help of
        coaching sessions. 

The findings of our professionally worked-out and conducted assessment enable to accurately forecast the patterns that the assessee may display in terms of his/her performance, behavior, learning and communicationpreferences.  In their own turn, standardized tests will allow us to compare several assessees.

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Solveiga GrudienÄ—
Mob.: +370 698 07707