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Solveiga GrudienÄ—
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Management consulting Lithuania. Solutions for organizational development

We are here to help you reveal and unleash your organization’s potential. Our successfully implemented projects show that we bring greatest benefit when we enter into a genuine partnership with the client. Merging our competence with the experience we have built up with a variety of organizations, we offer our assistance in:


What do we see as good management consulting?

  • When we contribute to solving your systemic issues
  • When we provide you with information and tools which can be employed immediately or in the future while facing similar problems
  • When we help to take timely relevant decisions
  • When we create the right conditions for your team to experience the true joy of inquiry and discovery
  • When you return to us
  • When you recommend us to your partners and friends as trustworthy management experts.

Management consultations in the following areas of organizational development:

Strategy making. Strategic sessions for managers and employees. Consulting on strategy implementation.

HR management. Analyzing and improving HR management processes and systems. Consulting HR managers and specialists.

Organizational culture. Surveys on corporate culture, values and employee opinions. Culture change programs. Projects on improving internal communication (building processes, practices and skills).

Leadership. Management team development. Projects on reinforcing leadership in all the levels of the organization. Assessing and training management teams. Individual coaching sessions for managers. Team coaching.

Innovative management practices. Introducing innovative management approaches, processes and skills (Sociocracy Model, GLP based development, practices of Action Research, Art of Hosting, Feedback systems etc.) for building a more cooperative, transparent, self-organized, empowered and effective organization.

Talent management. Competencies. Competence model, competence assessment and development. Attracting, identifying and managing talents. Career management systems.

Performance management. Improving and installing performance management systems. Consulting managers.

Cooperation. Systemic team building, implementation of cooperative culture (changing management processes, training relevant skills and related projects).

Employee job satisfaction. Work and life balance. Projects based on holistic approach towards a person, the meaning of his/her professional activity and self-fulfillment (consultations, working sessions, skill training).

Social responsibility projects. Integrating public-benefit activities with a view to enhancing employee engagement.

Clear goals, consistent models as well as an engaged and empowered team are the vital factors for sustainable change. Creating a prerequisite for such change to happen is our key principle and approach to work that we come forward with. 

Solveiga GrudienÄ—
Mob.: +370 698 07707