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Hello, we are PRIMUM ESSE

Our arena is executive search, trainings and people development, and management consulting. We are one of the most experienced management consultancies in Vilnius, Lithuania. We are human value consultants. 

Our clients and we share the view that the greatest value for a company is created by people. We find leaders and trace the best specialists. We assist in unlocking people’s potential and their growth. We provide integrated corporate management consultations which enhance your performance and competitive advantage.

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Executive search Lithuania

The capacity of attracting suitable managers and specialists is the greatest challenge for the organization as well as its competitive advantage. We are here to help you find the best people.

Our realm of services – executive search, executive and specialist selection, competence assessment.

We have been one of the leading organizations in executive search for 25 years in Lithuania (Vilnius) already. Our priority is the superior quality of search, client satisfaction and long-term relationships.

We aid the organizations who share our belief that the greatest value is created by people and finding best people is something we are best at.

People development
For Managers For Teams For Mastery For Learning Organization For Change

We have been learning and teaching in Lithuania for over 25 years. We create conditions for people to learn in action and with meaning.
Classic and non-traditional seminars, creative sessions, continuous action learning, experiential team building – the training formats which we choose and blend in pursuit of ultimate effect.

We are certified management, coaching, psychology consultants (CMC, ICF, GLP, Assessio, etc.). Our program partners are experts in a range of management spheres, technology, culture and arts.  We  implement unique experiential projects, study modules in partnership with universities, large-scale EU funded programs for enterprises.

Employee empowerment, creativity, mindful leadership, sociocratic management, consulting mastery are some modern themes we offer, to name but a few.

When training participants leave with greater self-confidence, when a creative session allows to solve an acute problem and in teambuilding events “we-and-them” line blurs, when after the end of the program participants keep on learning autonomously, we realize that we have created a long-term value for a person and the organization.

You can surely do it,
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Management consulting.
Solutions for organizational growth

Perpetual changes, uncertainty and complexity are common occurrences modern managers face. Organizations search for the answers how to cope with challenges and mobilize their team for systemic organizational change.

Our consultants, in partnership with the client, help to design and adopt management development solutions. Consolidating our competence and our experience of working with a variety of organizations, we assist in planning the path of change and motivating the team for action. We moderate the teamwork while implementing the planned steps.  For breakthrough to occur.

We invite you to look for turnkey solutions together. It’s so much easier with us.

Competence assessment

Nowadays organizations thrive on ambitious goals. Now the critical factor turns out to be people who are able to develop and implement ideas.

We support Charles Handy in saying that seeing Human Resources (HR) as Resourceful Humans (RH) we can achieve much more. Therefore, it is essential to properly assess the managers’ and specialists’ potential available and take informed decisions in appointing managers, personnel planning, executive search, employee development and so on.

We design competence frameworks, assess people’s competencies with the help of various methods, assist in installing new competence assessment methodologies and operate as distributors of online psychological tests.

So that you have every chance to take reasoned and professional decisions about people.


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