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PRIMUM ESSE is one of the most experienced business consultancies in Vilnius, for 20+ years already providing professional HR consultation services to local and foreign organizations. The area of PRIMUM ESSE expertise is people in the organization, their potential and competence.

WE operate with executive search, selection and assessment projects, training projects and HR management consultations. All our services boost your organization‘s personnel competence, increase the performance and competitive advantage.


PRIMUM ESSE provides services to the leading Lithuanian and foreign companies, two thirds of which are included in TOP 10 in their business areas. 70 per cent of our Clients are international organizations who we assist in search of specialists to work in Lithuanian and Baltic markets. We are proud to say that over 80 per cent of the Clients return for our services and become regulars.


Selecting appropriate people is a real challenge for a manager and an important competitive advantage for an enterprise. We come to help in taking decisions here.

In the recruitment field we are one of the leading companies, making a difference to the Lithuanian market for 20+ years already. Our services include executive search, personnel selection and assessment, which assist the Clients with making the best option.

The success and reputation of PRIMUM ESSE are determined by the ability to notice talents, discover leaders, professionally assess both managers’ and specialists’ personal competences and potential as well as forecast their performance. We strongly believe that employee’s personal traits, values, ambitions and potential are as important as their professional experience. Our refined search system and ability to figure out people help our Clients to select specialists with the best balance of professional competence and personal qualities.

Successful search results are conditioned by PRIMUM ESSE consultants’ experience and knowledge of the market, ability to understand the Client and develop efficient cooperation, knowing how to choose the best search strategy and strive for a set goal.

We apply the following search methods: executive search and search with advertisements.

In pursuit of the best results, the methods can be combined and supplied with additional methods of competence assessment.


You can take advantage of our consultants’ knowledge and competences acquired during 20+ years of practice in the market of Lithuania and as well as choose the most effective search methods and most modern candidate assessment techniques.

You are saving the most valuable thing – time. We manage the entire project and you get thorough reports about its process, search results and participate in the final stage meeting most promising candidates.

Our consultants’ professional recommendations and forecasts about potential candidates facilitate your decision making and selecting the right candidate for your particular situation.

We are flexible and client oriented, we act in a prompt and effective way and assume a part of your risks by providing guarantees to our services.


Executive search is one of the most effective ways to find talented manager or a top specialist.

This search method requires a profound knowledge of business environment, experience and professionalism, ability to build close cooperation with the Client as well as treat prospects with discretion. These are the competences that the PRIMUM ESSE consultants have developed during the 20 years of the successful activity in the Lithuanian market.

We conduct search of top and middle-rank managers as well as highly qualified specialists for trading, service and production companies.

We represent the Client and proceed with a consistent search of a suitable employee. We thoroughly synchronize project objectives, candidate assessment criteria and come up with the most appropriate search strategy. We make a systematic use of a range of different information sources and search tools, our consultants’ contacts and references.

The outcome of the search is detailed information about selected candidates, their competences, expectations as well as the forecast of short-listed candidates’ performance. This information provided by the consultants contributes to the Client’s impressions on the interviewed candidates and facilitates decision making – selecting the most appropriate candidate.

Executive Search is not only an active search method enabling to attract best specialists, but also a successful corporate competitive strategy.


It is one of the most common search methods which allow accessing a wide scope of potential candidates.

The unquestioned advantage of this method is that a specialist displays initiative to change work and shows motivation to work for a particular organization.

PRIMUM ESSE experience and well-organized and systematic search ensures the best end result. The Client is provided with detailed information on the labour market and assistance in defining search criteria. We aid with preparing the advertisement and choosing the right media channels. We assess the candidates’ competences comprehensively and objectively. In order to grant a wider choice, our compiled Data Base is used and in this way the range of candidates is expanded. Professional recommendations and forecasts by our consultants will help you to select the most suitable employee.

You are saving the most precious thing – your time: all search project is conducted by us and you participate in the final stage – meet recommended candidates.

Cooperation with consultancies manifests the organization’s focus on professional selection of specialists and reinforces the image of a desirable employer.


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